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  • carmonkey2 06/12/09 4:51 pm PST

    have you changed rotor cap,also look at rotorto see if arking to inside of distributor look for carbon tracks

  • carmonkey2 06/12/09 4:56 pm PST

    have you changed rotor cap,also look at rotor to see if arking to inside of distributor look for carbon tracks toward base of distributor. also check wires leading into for cracks that would allow shorting out when wet

  • tony78 06/12/09 5:14 pm PST

    So your car is sitting outside on a rainy day and you go to start it, but it wont start and if your car is sitting outside on a sunny day, and you go to start it and it starts.

    You did not say if this happens when you first try and start your car,,,or that it happens,,after you have been driving the car for awhile,,then stop the car,and then try and re-start the car.

    What is the difference between a sunny day and a rainy or damp day ?

    Water, moisture, humidity.

    Here are a few ideas,,try and isolate where and how, water, moisture and humidity are affecting your cars ability to run.

    A. On a rainy or damp day when this happens, take a blow dryer, you know the kind you use to dry your hair after a shower, plug it in with an extension cord, place it on a box or something so it won't be lying on the floor,,turn it on so the inside of your car stats warm and comfy.

    Then when you go and start the car,,and it starts right up and runs fine,,then you will know that moisture in the air is affecting,,something, INSIDE your car.

    Now lets say that there is no change,,then the problem is OUTSIDE of the car.

    The next thing to do would be to place the car under a shelter that exposes the car to the damp air on a rainy day, but not exposed to the rain,,this is to determine if the problem is from a water leak or from humidity.

    My guess is that the problem is a faulty Air Temperature sensor, Mass air Flow Sensor or Manifold Absolute Pressure sensor.

    All 3 of these can be affected by barometric pressure and humidity changes. These changes can fool sensors that temperature or barometric pressure has changed.

  • dtherieau 05/19/12 5:09 pm PST

    I am Haveing the same issue with my Jimmy, i have replaced the cap,rotor,plugs.wires. and even the battery terminals(oddley enough it fixed it for a few months) then it went back to not starting, I have been told it could be either the ignition coil getting condesation or the Distributor itself< or it could be a Mass Air Flow Sensor, I have not had a chance to test the ignition coil yet but those might be some ideas to look into, any other suggestions would be helpful as well

  • mvanover 05/19/12 11:01 pm PST

    make sure your rubber gromet is sealed good on your distributor cap under the coil.Check your coil its self for crack they will draw dampness.you can seal around the mounting surface of the cap with R.T.V silacone or fill any cracks.Make sure to wipe the inside of the cap before you sill it.let the coil dry if it has cracks and seal it.this should fix it up.


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