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  • irongoat 06/27/12 3:48 pm PST

    HI i had a similar problem a while ago
    i found my problem was three things but yours may be only 1
    1) i needed new spark plugs (at idle the car generates less spark so the bad plugs wernt burning the fuel throughly)

    2) i had a worn spark plug wire ( at low idle the spark in the bad wire was shorting through the bad insulation and not providing enough spark)

    3) i had an old fuel filter that hadnt been changed in awhile. my mechanic thought this was the original problem because at idle the car wasnt forcing enough fuel through to the engine (this part of the answer may or may not be a problem depending on how you car sends fuel to the engine. some engines send constant pressure no matter what the engine is doing. some send more as the engine demands it)

    as an aside have you checked the aircleaner to see if its clogged or if some critter has made a nest in the air cleaner box? (dont laugh it happens :) )

    hope this helps and if not someone else helps you, good luck


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