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  • zaken1 06/29/12 6:11 pm PST

    This often comes from either low power steering fluid level, or a loose drive belt for the power steering pump. Those belts have to be tighter than one might assume.

  • ando4 08/23/12 3:04 pm PST

    I have changed out the front drive shafts,, No luck

    I have changed out the front beardings... No Luck

    I Have changed the fluid in the front differential.. No Luck

    I had the fluid changed in the Transfer case... No Luck...

    I checked the brakes for anything binding.. No luck

    I replaced the upper steering shaft... No Luck...

    I did find a post like mine where it was fine cold but after
    about 15 to 20 miles it started to make the noice when turning left or right..
    forwards or back.

    That post said it was probably the viscus clutch in the
    transfer case...

    Anyway I took the vehicle into the shop so they could have the
    transfer case sent out to a local bearing shop for rebuild...

    They said the clutches we shot... and almosted welded
    together... About a $1200 rebuild cost +
    labor and fluid.. but at least the
    mystery is over... Now we can go into a parking lot and park without any

    Oh by the way my Yukon had 180K miles on it but drove it
    about 40K miles trying to figure this riddle out...

    I hope that helps out...


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