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  • bigmike9 05/21/08 10:12 pm PST

    I cannot give a professional answer but I found something on You Tube of all places that might give you some help. I would note one thing. In his video, he counts and I see 5 solenoids. My rationale could say that there is one for each shift cycle. I wonder how likely it is that all of them would go bad as you indicate bad shift all gears. You Tube also showed a diagnostic proceedure from ADP to look at. The You Tube listing was...

    Saturn Transmission Line Pressure Control Solenoid Replacement

    An additional thought from a serious shade tree is that you might consider a product such as Lucas Transmission Additive. It is available at most parts stores. I don't generally promote the useage of "snake oils" but have personally seen this product do some remarkable things with sticky valve bodies, seal leaks, and erratic shifts due typically to valve plates gumming up and seals wearing. PLEASE NOTE: I can only speak from my experience and if you choose to use this product I hope you have positive results. If results are inconclusive or have negative effects do not hold me accountable. I'm just trying to help.

  • fordfan_17 05/22/08 12:34 pm PST

    replacing the pressure control solenoid will not cure the problem with your trans you need to have the whole valve body replaced they are junk junk junk please visit www.sonnax.com and look up the TAAT transaxle that is in your vehicle they have so many tools and fixes for the valvebody on that car its easier to buy a reman valvebody and just change the whole thing. advised to do this soon since banging shift will break stuff in the transmission

  • txtickle05 05/10/09 10:41 am PST

    what happened to you car to make you check that. my starts and idles but dies at 10 mile per houre and when its parked it idels at about 110 rpms that not normal and shifts at anout 600 rpms


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