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  • drvette 12/05/11 6:53 pm PST

    What motor ?
    Were any codes showig [check eng light]prior to death

    1. Fuel Issues- my guess is a bad fuel pump,

    Get an assistant who can hear, open the gas cap and with the door shut, turn the switch to the ON position, NOT Start.
    They should hear the fuel pump come on,,,, and then go off.

    If NO sound is heard from the fuel pump, you can beat on the gas tank with a mallet and "sometimes" make them run a bit longer.
    Running low on fuel causes them to become un-submerged in fuel and overheat.

    To see if the issue is fuel, open the air cleaner tube and pour ONE oz of gas into it. SHUT it and tighten any clamps.
    Try to start, if it starts, then the Inertia Sensor, Fuel Pump, or FP Relay may be the issue.

    Anti-Theft System
    Is the mileage showing ----------- instead of numbers ?
    Try using the key in the passenger door to unlock the vehicle to reset.
    Also your year is known to leak water onto the fuse panel, if you have wetness there, have the windshield resealed with the correct sealer, not RTV !!

    Turn the key to "on" waiting for the seat belt DING, then try

    Press the gas down a little bit then try to crank.
    Pressing it fully cuts OFF the fuel to clear a flooded engine.

    Copy this URL for Diagrams back to "96

    Given the distance[I can't see it] you may be forced to get it hauled in
    Several common issues for the generation of truck you own.
    a fuel pump
    b. crank position sensor
    c. IAC [idle air control valve]

    Below is a link that may help, "Search" before starting a new topic to keep from angering the natives :)

    Source: http://www.fordf150.net/


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