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  • MrShift@Edmunds 09/09/10 4:27 pm PST

    Well you can try to have it replaced but this type of shaft doesn't often take well to this type of repair. The RIGHT way is to have it sent out to be rebuilt AND balanced. Driveshaft balance is quite important and some shops aren't too careful about this, or able to deal with it once they've removed the shaft and banged on it. Also the trueness of the shaft has to be measured to make sure it isn't bent. I presume the center support bearing/mount has also been inspected?

    I guess this is the shop's call---if they've done it before successfully, then maybe it's worth a shot. If they are saying "no guarantees" then maybe you'd best go the other route.

  • erinf77 03/22/11 2:58 pm PST


    I just was told that I needed to replace the joints on my 2003 highlander as well. I was told how dangerous it was as well especially if I hit a pothole. I am wondering how much your problem ended up costing you? I need to replace the fron and rear joints to the drive shaft. They said they were completely rusted out and I take such good care of my car. I am worreid this will cost me a bundle!

  • bobpeterson 04/18/11 4:54 pm PST

    How much does a U-joint problem cost on a Highlander. Try $1300 for a new shaft unless you trust your life to your mechanic to weld and balance it properly for a repair. There was a day when a U-joit problem cost $14.95.

  • tom154 01/23/13 9:51 am PST

    I am having a similar problem as you did w/ your Highlander. What did you ultimatly do? I saw that I can purchase a Remanufactured drive shaft for about $700. Have you gotten any info on that?

    thanks, tom (foxboro)


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