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  • karjunkie 02/13/09 10:52 am PST

    This is becoming a common problem with modern EVAP systems. Most EVAP systems have a vent hose inside the filler neck that can get push in or kinked and cause the gas to back up and shut of the pump nozzle. Take a long necked screwdriver and push down the gas filler neck flap. With a flashlight, look down the neck and see if the vent tube is pushed down or twisted. If so, you need to use extra long needle nose pliers and try and pull it up and back in position. Another thing that can cause this problem is if you over fill your tank you will have liquid fuel go into the evap system and clog up you EVAP charcoal canister. The canister is only designed foe fuel vapor not liquids, so if it gets soaked the escaping fumes from your tank have no place to go and your pump will keep shuting off.


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