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  • ray80 11/17/12 7:19 am PST

    For the lack of heat blowing it sounds like the blower motor resister assembly

  • kparrent 11/20/12 11:57 am PST

    so would it be better to take it to a dealership and have them work on just my heat?or tell them that I think that is the problem, and have them diagnose the problem-and have them work on it?

  • ray80 11/21/12 10:38 am PST

    If you can't try to fix it yourself, sure take it to dealer . Explain the symptoms best you can I:E: blower was working only on 5, then stopped working and it has been suggested it may be the blower motor resister assembly. They should already have the same thoughts but will have to check to make sure it isn't something else.


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