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  • knowledgepower 02/27/11 5:27 pm PST

    The Pilot owners manual suggest changing the timing belt at 90k miles so you're okay on the road trip.

  • nicholas_meade 02/27/11 5:28 pm PST

    more than likely it has a timing belt. It is not imperitive that you change your belt now but it couldnt hurt. One thing to consider is if you are going to have someone else do it or do it yourself. I would recomend that u use a reputable mechanic in your area due to the amount of pieces that may have to be removed to gain access

  • Stever@Edmunds 02/27/11 5:56 pm PST

    The Edmunds Maintenance Guide and the Honda Owner's Link site says that the belt should be changed every 60,000 miles (aka "Maintenance Minder 4 Scheduled Maintenance"). Gates says that it's an interference engine, which means major damage to the engine if the belt breaks.

    So hopefully your belt was changed 20,000 miles ago. You might be able to verify this at a Honda dealer - if the work was done by Honda, it should show up on the service records when the service writer pulls the VIN.

    You can download a free manual from Honda if you don't have one.

    How To Find Your Car Owner's Manual Online

  • knowledgepower 02/27/11 6:27 pm PST

    I do thank the previous post for correcting the timing belt interval and I must admit I was looking at the wrong column in my owners manual. On page 192 in the Honda Pilot owners manual it states that under normal use at 90,000 miles you should have suspension components checked, inspect drive belts, replace air cleaner element and replace VTM-4 rear differential fluid. The correct column next to it is 105,000 miles that states replace spark plugs, inspect valve clearance, replace automatic transmission fluid, inspect idle speed, REPLACE TIMING BELT and inspect water pump. The dealership interval could be different to line their pocket but the only thing a customer can reference correctly is an owners manual. At 60k miles that's the whopper servicing that the service department will make $400+ on that service interval while on the next one at 80k miles the cost is $80 plus. The only thing you can do is see if the timing belt was ever changed. We can debate over timing belt changing, you can get an answer from 60k miles, 90k miles or the owners manual at 105k miles. Once the owner confirms when it was changed then you can start the interval all over again.

  • Stever@Edmunds 02/27/11 8:35 pm PST

    The 60,000 interval sounded awfully low to me too, but I didn't download the manual and read it. It's odd that the Owner's Link site would say 60k while the manual is different. Edmunds gets maintenance interval information from manufacturer sources as well.

    And you're right Knowledgepower, if you call most dealers, they'll ignore the manual and try to upsell you services you don't need. Maybe if the OP calls two or three dealers, one of the answers will match the manual.

    If all else fails, I'd go with the owner's manual.

  • skeetersmom 06/20/12 12:48 pm PST

    I also have a 2006 Pilot and my dealer suggests changing belt at 100K. I currently have 94K on my Pilot.


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