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  • karjunkie 11/22/09 9:49 am PST

    A bad cat does not rattle or whine, so I think I would get a second opinion and go to a good independent mechanic and not the dealer. Now, if it was the timing chain, it would be most noticeable at idle, so its not that either. The noise could certainly be an accesory like the water pump or the power steering pump which are near the timing chain area and may whine or rattle when going bad. I suspect it is most likely a serpentine belt tensioner pulley going bad.

  • matt109 11/22/09 11:42 am PST

    I am a heavy equipment mechanic and have had two independant mechanics look at the car. Nobody is really sure. One person is saying it might be the balancing unit.I took it to Nissan for their opinion. First thing I did was to remove the serpetine belt. The noise was still there.Any other suggestions? Hoping to hear from someone who has had a similar experience. I really appreciate your opinion and time.


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