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  • motorman6 12/08/11 8:59 pm PST

    There are a few things it could be. First check both heater hoses to ensure they are too hot to hang onto. If you can hold onto one and not the other its probably a flowing issue. Air pocket or blockage. If both hoses are hot it could be the temperature blend door located behind the glove department. Turn your heat on full cold and put it on your dash vents then change it to hot if you dont notice a difference in the air flow slowing, then you probably have your answer. If both of these are all set then i would check the thermostat it might be sticking open.
    Also check the fluid level to ensure its at the right level. Sounds like it could be the temp blend door if all of a sudden you have no heat and the fluid level is good

  • nh_dealer 12/08/11 9:03 pm PST

    Run the car with the radiator cap off for about a half-hour, you will likely see bubbles coming out. There should be a bleeder valve on the thermostat housing as well, use that to bleed off additional excess air. If that doesn't work, something else is likely keeping the thermostat stuck open. If you are smelling coolant/antifreeze inside the car (sweet alcohol smell, or green residue coming from vents) let me know, that's a totally different issue.


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