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  • karjunkie 12/03/08 3:18 pm PST

    Some modern engines have very short piston skirts for efficiency which causes them to knock when cold. This is technically callped "piston slap". Toyota 4 cylinder engines tend to suffer from this for example. I would try changing over to a synthetic oil that has more lubricity at start up when the engine is cold. In theory, it is not a problem amd if it goes away after a minute or two, I suspect it is not something to get terribly worried about. If it gets worse over time, I would certainly ask the dealer to address it. You have a 10 yr warranty on the engine if you are the original owner, so time is on your side so to speak.

  • tony78 12/03/08 3:25 pm PST

    So what your saying is that you can hear the noise and your brother can hear the noise,,but the dealer cannot hear the noise ?

    Either 1 of 3 things exist here. A. You and your brother are just about off your rockers and are shortly headed for the a padded cell.

    B. Its just about time to replace the hearing aid batteries that you both have in you matching sets.

    C. the dealer needs to replace his hearing aid batteries.

    A lot of dealers allow you to drop off your vehicle the night before and this will give the car a chance to sit overnight on the lot and get nice and cold , then you and your brother can go there bright and early in the morning and fire the buggy up and then all three of you can listen to the santa fe's knocking noise.

    Then after all of the, oohhs and ahhs and ah hems, the dealer can repair your car and send you happily tooling down the motorway.


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