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  • MrShift@Edmunds 04/01/11 11:33 am PST

    Where are you getting this diagnostic information? Who or what is telling you? Do you have trouble code #s for us from having the car's computer scanned?

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  • annacamry07 04/01/11 1:14 pm PST

    The first diagnostic (ignition coil #4) was from the Toyota service dept. where I purchased the car. When the light went back on and started "misfiring" again, a friend who has an older Toyota suggested replacing all the spark plugs (he said that helped his)....it worked fine again for a while and then WHOALAH there the light went and it started running WORSE....Auto Zone scanned and said it was now Coil "F".....replaced it and again seemed to work just fine but this time for only a block then light came back on....that same friend (who was a foreign car mechanic) put his scanner on it and first it said it was now Coil "B".....We switched one of the new coils with the only other old one in the
    front (to get to the back ones is nightmare - we know from doing the
    plugs) hoping that MAYBE it was that one....and it now it showed had ALL misfiring!

  • MrShift@Edmunds 04/01/11 1:53 pm PST

    Well that's why we'd like to have the actual #s of the trouble code.

    A car's computer does NOT tell you which component is defective---it only tells you which system or circuit is in distress. So if the code points to coil X or 02 sensor Y, that doesn't mean these parts are bad. If a mechanic just chases the code description without further diagnostic "drilling" into the problem, he'll/she'll just end up guessing with your checkbook as the money supply.

    So if we had the code #s we could possibly suggest further remedies.

    You could have some bad wiring to the coil power supply, or a defective crankshaft sensor, or a defective camshaft sensor, or faulty wiring to one or more fuel injectors, etc.

  • annacamry07 04/01/11 3:08 pm PST

    OK...here goes - just plugged it in to an ACTRON? scanner...this is what it is reading NOW (after switching out new coil (F) :
    PO356 Ignition Coil F

    PO300 Primary/Secondary
    PO301 Cylinder 1 Misfire Detected
    PO302 Cylinder 2 Misfire Detected
    PO303 Cylinder 3 Misfire Detected
    PO304 Cylinder 4Misfire Detected
    PO305 Cylinder 5 Misfire Detected
    PO306 Cylinder 6 Misfire Detected


  • MrShift@Edmunds 04/01/11 5:06 pm PST

    Okay, presuming you don't have bad gasoline in your tank, then I'd have to say with multiple cylinder misfire errors, you have a complex problem with possibly multiple defects---I'm thinking something like a bad wiring harness, injector harness or ECM. You could also have a bad vacuum leak, fuel pressure drop, bad MAF sensor,

    There is a complete diagnostic "tree" available at ALL DATA PRO which any competent garage should be able to tap into and follow.

    Or if you're up for it, for $26 a year, you can access ALL DATA DIY, which has similar info, and this will allow you to access repair and spec data on just about any repair or component of your car for a whole year

    Good luck--this is the best I can do for you with the information at hand.

  • annacamry07 04/06/11 9:34 am PST

    The plot thickens - what does the "lights" or wiring to them have to do with misfiring....this morning the panel lights got brighter...the clock lights and airbag lights "blinked"...I know that a fog light burned out a few months ago and when we replaced it, the check engine light went off and stayed off for a while....this morning (after the brightening of panel lights, etc.) a coworker came in and said my car had "beeped" kind of wierdlike..sounded like lights turning on and off sound. Are these "clues"?

  • MrShift@Edmunds 04/06/11 11:38 am PST

    Hard to say if they are "clues" to set you on the track or off the track. This is why I suggested multiple causes for your problems.

    But there would be no harm in checking battery strength, alternator output and for corrosion or looseness at the battery cables.

    It IS true that computers do go nuts if the voltage to them varies up and down a lot, so maybe there is something unifying all these events.

    I do think though that replacing coils is a wild goose chase and is treating a symptom, not a cause.

  • luccini 04/09/11 4:54 pm PST

    Just wondering, do you buy gas from Costco or Sams Club?

    We have a similar problem started this week with our 07 Camry.

  • annacamry07 04/13/11 11:30 am PST

    No...actually someone suggested I pout injector treatment and use midgrade gasoline...I did and NOPE, still have the issue. In fact, took it to a friend who is top notch mechanic and he is baffled...all cylinders misfire at one time or another. If you clear the codes, runs good for bit, then misfires and saying it a different ignition coil....I have already replaced two of them and now still misfiring and saying ANOTHER coil....our friend says IT CAN NOT BE THE coils!...he seems to think it is a fuel issue...as in needs fuel pump...I am going to take it back to the dealer and have them fully diagnose it...they just keep telling me it is coils!

  • MrShift@Edmunds 04/13/11 11:58 am PST

    a fuel pressure drop is certainly one explanation.

  • annacamry07 04/13/11 1:36 pm PST

    Is it true that the fuel filter on this car is part of the fuel pump...so in order to replace it, have to replace the whole pump? :-(

  • MrShift@Edmunds 04/14/11 12:24 am PST

    Yes it's part of the fuel pump (in the tank) and no, you don't have to replace the entire fuel pump. The filter is sold separately and costs $43 retail.

  • oscar408 05/18/11 8:21 pm PST

    I am currently having the same problem with my moms 2007 Camry SE V6 ,,,,i recently did the tune up and coolant flush and it ran great for about 2 days and the light came back on.When looking at freeze frame data i noticed the timing advance at the time was 42 degress? that doesnt seem normal,, also it is very intermittent,,when driving it feels normal and when i come up to a light and it idles for awhile and then begins running rough again. I wonder if maybe the EVAP canister can have anything to do with it or if its fuel related,,,im going to perform a voltage drop now on the connections from the ignition control module and will be back to see if its a corroded wire or something....

  • dajoke 01/06/12 12:03 pm PST

    I will skip all the details, but I have had the same issues - replaced 1 coil, it worked for 6 months, came back, replaced all coils and plugs, came back again 7 months later. Last post on this was in May - did you find the mystery answer.. I have all 6 reporting missfire now exactly as you posted earlier.

  • shanner 01/11/12 9:57 pm PST

    My issue just started 2 days ago 70K miles on my 2007 Camry V6. At first the code read out showed a misfire on B. A day later a second read out shows a misfire on all. I haven't taken it in yet to the dealer, but I don't want to start paying for coil replacement and not the actual issue. What was the end result of anyone who had this issue resolved?

  • va_84 02/16/12 2:52 pm PST

    I've got the same issue, I filed up my car in Mobil gas station. drove 100yards and check engine light comes on. my mechanic told me it is condensation or just normally spiking water in tank, so he drains my tank, now it is OK, I'll post in a week if it misfires again.

  • jsenecal 06/06/12 7:25 pm PST

    similar intermitant problem:Check engine light goes on, then rough engine. When restarting car, engine is fine. After Toyota Diagnoses got trace codes PO300, PO301,PO 302,PO304, and PO306. Of course no abnormal issues noted and no misfires during roadtest. Toyota says (after 7 mechanics later and pow wow with manufacring plant) liklely cause would be inside fuel tank. Fuel tank baffle misalignment or fuel pump bowl is broken. Would require tank removeal ($400 plus) for diagnosis. Then is that's the issue, it would be a $1,500 repair bill.

    Is this making sense to anyone?


  • Stever@Edmunds 06/06/12 9:09 pm PST

    There's some other misfire posts in the Camry discussions on the Edmunds forums here. They seem to be all over the map too. After skimming those, you may want to see if anyone has other suggestions. Here's the link:

    2007 Toyota Camry Problems and Repairs

    And another one to look at:

    Toyota Camry Engine Related Questions

  • naeem1 07/08/12 8:57 pm PST

    I had same problems with my 2007 Camry v6 recently I replaced air filter after one day all problems surprizingly just gone. No more engine light no rough idle it just work fine like nothing happened!

  • rhudeboye 03/10/15 10:18 am PST

    Same problem, same make and model. 07 V6 Camry SE. Thats what happens when you buy the first batch of a new model generation.

    If this helps- We got the car in Oct 2006 original owners. Our problem came on in 2009 so about 70K. It started with some voltage issues. Our car was parked for 3 days with the intr light left on while we were in NY taking the train everywhere. The car had to get a jump by road side assistance which took about 20 minutes. A few days after that ordeal the original battery would at times cause dash lights to glow bright then dim at random. This was followed by the car shutting off once and needing a jump. We replaced that original battery the next day and since then, had 2 new batterys die in about 3 years.Our current battery is showing no signs of weakening and was installed around late 2012. Our coil issues have been plaguing us since 2010, since then, all coils have been replaced twice. We're about ready for a new car again but would love to solve this mystery before tradeing it in.


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