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  • coolrideracing 10/18/08 1:02 am PST

    If the failure mechanical or electrical? Lets start with mechanical, remove distributor cap and have someone crank the engine, and see if the rotor turns. If the rotor does not turn you have a mechanical failure, as in the cam is no longer connected to the crankshaft. Moving on the electrical, you will need a volt meter or continunity light. The light is the least expensive, about $3. Connect the alligator clip on the continuity light to ground, that would be a bolt that is not painted or bolted thru a piece of rubber. Plug the pointed end into the side of the wire that goes into the side of the distributor. Turn ignition key to the on position, if light lights up, you have power to the distributor. If both checks are successful, you will have to have the igination module checked. They do fail but it is rare. Good luck.


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