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  • karjunkie 11/01/08 10:06 am PST

    I would have the system pressure tested to trace it. Did you look at the bottom of the water pump (bolted to the front of the engine)? There is a small hole from the underside that lets coolant out as the water pump seal wears. This is a moving part so wear does happen. It usually will happen when the engine is hot and the pressure in the system is the greatest. Have you checked all the hoses and the hose fittings? Look for wet areas whenever you see it drip. Latly, check the bottom of the radiator to see if it is wet. This would indicate a pin hole leak in the radiator core. It could be small enough to leak very slowly. Good luck!

  • smitty35 11/01/08 11:23 am PST

    one possibility could be that you are in need of a radiator/engine flush. if you have used a stop leak product it may have built up and clogged some of the water channels in the block. some jiffy lube type places offer a pressure/ vacuum flushing that might help.


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