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  • laltazan 02/07/12 7:34 pm PST

    The relay is a possibility and you can swap it with one of the others to check. The inertia switch can also fail, even though it is reset, it can lose connectivity. Remove it and temporarily jump across the terminals to test. There is also a fuse that powers the relay and the PCM can shut down the ground to the relay, under certain conditions.

  • ken_t 07/15/13 12:40 am PST

    My 94 does that too on hot days if the engine compartment does not cool down . I wiggle the fp relay and it starts up again. I think the heat may be spreading the contacts in the power distribution box on that relay. Why other relays aren't affected, i don't know. I plan to wire a new relay in parallel with the existing one. May be a lot of work but this happened while driving on a busy interstate.


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