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  • zolecki 11/13/08 5:35 pm PST

    It may be a stopped up heater core. You would need to have it pulled and blown out with compressed air, or have it replaced.

  • fmercure 12/05/08 11:47 am PST

    I had this same problem, I guess alot of these models do. I finally resolved this by removing the hoses at the firewall from the the heater core. I bought about two feet of 5/8" heater hose and used a funnel and poured CLR intoe the top of the heater core while using a wet-vac to suck on the lower hose. (let the CLR soak about 10 -15 minutes) . Them I bought at Car Quest The 5/8" Tee fitting with a hose adapter and flushed water through the bottome heater hose connection........ This worked great!!!! the CLR cleared the blockage in the heater core . After two years of freezing my a~~ off , I HAVE HEAT!!!!!


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