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  • docj 05/25/10 4:52 pm PST

    Maybe just be low on refrigerant

    I would have the system leak checked ,probably has a minor leak.
    Then have it evacuated and recharged

    Doc J

  • sgilland 06/13/10 9:26 pm PST

    My 02 liberty does the same thing. Has been for 4-5 years now. Had the freon filled twice--which it was not low----within 2 weeks. They did a dye test an no leaks. I first noticed it when i would turn the ac down like if i was on 3 an turned it down to 2. It was blow warm and the humid smelll. When took to different dealer 2nd time he did the leak test, filled it, said its working fine. i didnt even get out of there parking lot and about $150 later it still wasnt working. A friend works with my husband checked it and said was low pressure switch, (but you have to recharge system after replacing it and the jeep mechanics obviously arent smart enough to know that)we took like a paper clip and bypassed the low pressure switch and worked ever since. Only thing is it get so cold it will freeze up sometimes and we just flip it to vent and it unfreezes in a second. When you cant get a shop to fix it ya gotta do what you have to get ac. a 3d shop couldnt figure it out. told him about low pressure switch he said no it cant be that and told me i would burn the compressor up bypassing it like that. I said well its been like that over 4 years now and no one knows how to fix it and doing it like that gives me ac.

  • cwhite3 07/16/10 8:43 pm PST

    I've been having the same problem with my jeep. Does anyone know where the switch is located?


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