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  • eschultz 07/30/08 7:04 pm PST

    Look for black, soft rubber tube just barely sticking out of firewall on passenger side engine compartment. difficult to see maybe. Clogged with debris that comes in from vents just ender windshield . These can be taken out along with some baffles, all can be vacuumned, then something like wire maybe even compressed air thru tube to remove accumulated gunk.

  • mikeystoy5 11/08/11 9:26 pm PST

    If memory serves me correct, the A/C drain on a 99-03 Galant is located on the left side near the steering column. The reason these get clogged is from leaves getting into air intake under the windsheild on the right side. There's a filter that can be bought and installed behind the glove box. You will see a cut-out where it goes. This is a common problem on these. To properly clean out the leaves that block the grain, the unit has to be pulled an disassembled. You can blow air all you want, but does not cure the problem. I have had to do this on quite a few galants, an it's no fun, and not being in warranty, it's a 5-6 hr. job. Good luck, I told others about this an they took it to their friend an let him fix it an the say it still it plugged, when they didn't do it the right way. Remember, you pay for what you get.


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