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  • subearu 12/27/08 9:51 pm PST

    Do you have the OEM 18" or 20" wheels/tires? They are not usually the greatest in snow and will contribute to the lack of traction. The AWD system should automatically shift power front <-> back as needed and the traction control should handle any left <-> right shift of power, to help you get unstuck. However, if the tires aren't gripping, you're not going to move anywhere fast.

    Deep snow also can cause you to high-center as well, meaning the lower parts of the suspension and drivetrain can get you stuck leaving you little grip.

    Might want to invest in a set of winter tires...


  • tony78 12/28/08 12:24 am PST

    just a suggestion,,see if you can get your old tucson back and use that for the deep stuff and use the murano for the easy stuff.

  • ssminton 12/28/08 12:51 am PST

    I have an Acura MDX, but it exhibited similar characteristics with regular all-season tires. The basic problem is that modern sport tuned cars have become too smart. The AWD systems are tuned for handling, not snow driving. If you are driving less than 20mph, I recommend that you disable your stability system; this is where the problem lies. This smart system is basically overreacting to slippage from the tires. Downshifting also helps prevent the over action in the system.

    My other suggestion is to switch your OEM comfort tire for a quality all season winter focused tire like the Nokian WR G2. I recently put these on my MDX and have not had to disable my stability system once this season, nor have I experienced any general slippage despite our varied winter weather here in the Northeast... yippee!

  • obyone 12/28/08 1:13 am PST

    Agreed. Tires are usually the culprit.

  • dana716 12/28/08 7:50 pm PST

    Thanks to all who responded :) I have 18" Bridgestone H/T tires, which i researched and found out are basically highway tires so tomorrow I am headed to the tire store to get me some good all terrain tires. Thanks again!!

  • giny1 01/06/09 8:47 pm PST

    Hi - Well I sell Nissan's and live in Buffalo and we got almost 2 feet of snow over a 4 day period less than 2 weeks ago. We had some 2009 Murano's way back in the lot and they were buried in over 2 foot of snow. We cleaned off the window and crawled into them and locked in the AWD and put it in low and they popped out of the snow like nothing. I have never heard of this event you are talking about because 6's of snow is nothing for the Murano. You do not have to disable the VDC for only 6 inches of snow either since that's nothing to a Nissan Murano. I'm not saying I don't beleive you, but in the history of Nissan, you're probably the first to experience this and I wonder in you did put the vehicle in drive and possibly had the Emergency brake on?

    Skeptical about your story in Buffalo

    Source: I am a Nissan dealer employee

  • hsteele 02/02/09 8:07 pm PST

    I have suffered from the same problem, happened to me tonight as a matter of fact. It happened in as little as 6 inches of snow as well. It seems to be caused when the wheels begin to slip the traction control cuts power to the wheels, which is exactly what you don't want. Don't get me wrong, I really like my 2009 Murano, but had I known of this flaw in the traction control system prior to the purchase I would not have bought it. It is a flaw that could be corrected by reprogramming or correcting the Vehicle Dynamic Control System (VDCS). This is the system that cuts the power to the wheels when they begin to slip.

  • joenissan 03/06/11 9:58 pm PST

    I have a hard time listening to a car salesman. Real world experience trumps your sales advice...lol..sorry.

    I agree...tires are everything. Upgrade to a better tire..even a good all-season...and you'll be fine.

    And to the person who doesn't like the traction control, all traction control systems work the way the Muranos does. In the snow, if youre stuck or driving where you know the wheels will slip, turn the traction control off...that's why the buttons there. Read the owners manual...it explains it quite simply. VDC/TCL are not meant to be used in deep snow. So, any traction control or VDC equipped vehicle will act the same way.


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