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  • rene007 04/03/08 1:41 pm PST

    This is a common problem for these cars from this year. This is an issue that should be warrantied at the dealer. Tell them that there is a technical service bulletin addressing this problem. I they still don't do anything go to another dealer. What they are going to do is basically replace the valves or the cylinder head itself. There should be no charge for it.

  • natneb 04/10/08 10:22 pm PST

    Just got our car back. Had the same problem at 30,000km. For the past 3 months we've been taking it in (4 separate times)and 2 different dealer garages and they couldn't find the problem. They finally fixed it, rebuilt the cylinders (oil lifters).
    Fortunately it was covered by warranty. Good luck.


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