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  • karjunkie 01/23/09 11:28 am PST

    The EGR should be located at the back of the engine ( near the firewall) mounted to the top of the intake manifold or throttle body. You should be able to clean it with throttle body spray cleaner and an old toothbrush assuming the diaphram is not ruptured. Flush out all the accumulated gunk and remount it to the engine. While you have it apart, checked the EGR modulator and the rubber exhaust tube going into the bottom of the modulator from the EGR valve. If the EGR valve was gunked up it is probable that the tube is filled with carbon also. I have used a long phillips screwdriver to ream it out. Use the remaining throttle body spray to clean the inside of the throttle body where the EGR valve bolts on to.

  • dam5914 05/30/11 12:55 am PST

    first try cleaning it. disconnect the negative battery connection. remove the electric connection. remove the egr and clean it wit carb cleaner. where the egr goes, theres two holes. the big hole is for the exhaust. BE CAREFUL NOT TO DROP ANYTHING IN THERE. Use q-tips and carb cleaner to clean in the small hole. make sure you get all the gunk out. once its clean re install egr. leave your battery disconnected for about 30 minutes or an hour so your check engine light can reset. ADD LUCAS FUEL SYSTEM CLEANER. THIS WILL CLEAN YOUR ENGINE PARTS. if this dont work. you might new a new egr valve


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