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  • fordgirl77 04/09/10 9:03 am PST

    I have a 1994 Ford Ranger & have the same
    problem. It may be the fuel pump relay. Sometimes mine won't start
    especially after i have driven it a while. My ac don't work so I
    changed the fuel pump relay with the ac relay & it started right
    up. In my opinion they should have had a recall on this problem. I
    figured it out on my own the first time it did it. The previous owner
    replaced the coil packs & it didn't fix it. So everytime mine does
    this I just switch the relays around, & it works fine. A mechanic
    just wants money so I work on my own truck. Let me know if this helps.

  • johnhreha 12/14/10 4:58 pm PST

    same prob here but with a fix possibly. the wire harness on the drivers fenderwell behind the fuse panel had worn againt the mounting bracket and wore a large red wire in to. i fixed mine by pulling the fuse box ( two clips) and butt splicing it back together it works perfect now hope this helps


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