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  • tony78 12/22/09 12:42 am PST

    The cam cap is part of the valve cover gasket.

    If the cam cap is coming out or is leaking oil, then you need to replace the valve cover gasket set.

    When you replace the valve cover set, follow the directions, it will show you how to place the gasket, where to apply sealant and what type of sealant to use.

    Be sure to follow the proper bolt tightening sequence and bolt torque specifications.

    Your Kia dealer can provide you with a new gasket and all of the information and supplies you will need.

  • mackdadi 03/26/12 1:01 am PST

    yes I have the same problem at least three of them have poped out two of them twice and I can't fiqure out why, and can't find any informatiom on the fix for this problem.

  • zaken1 03/26/12 10:25 pm PST

    Sometimes a manufacturer does not adequately anticipate or test for parts loosening up over time. Fortunately; there is a wonderful chemical product called JB Weld; which is available in auto parts and hardware stores. It is great for situations like this. It is a 2 part system composed of resin and hardener; which is far stronger and more durable than epoxy. You'll need to thoroughly clean the mating surfaces of the cap and the valve cover of oil and contaminants, and then apply the sealer to both surfaces. I usually use the 2 part paste formula; but the putty stick would also work. It is important to allow at least 24 hours for the bond to set up before using the car. And be very careful to use equal quantities of the 2 components, and thoroughly mix them before application.


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