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  • tony78 11/17/08 12:46 pm PST

    Check for a faulty relay first.

    next to check for faulty light control module.

    not likely that headlight switch is bad,,switchs dont operate by them selves ,,unless you car is haunted.

  • gotaluv03vue 01/29/12 10:28 pm PST

    im haveing very simular problems with my 03 vue, when i would leave my high beams on the switch would get hot. and somtimes wouldnt change from high to low or low to high. and it went on the whole time i had it, i bought it at 120k miles and changed the switch at sad to say but 145k. and now the are worse before it just got hot. now when i try to switch from low to high my left head lights would switch but my right low beam would dim and the right high beam would also come on but very dim. not normal when it normaly switches the lows would shut off and the hight would come on. if i where you i would. get a new switch its like 45 bucks but save the old one incase it doesnt fix your problem.


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