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  • docj 03/16/09 4:33 pm PST

    Check the fuses first .
    If fuse is blown/open,suspect a faulty /blower motor itself or a wiring problem.I show a 50 amp 'heater' fuse.

    My guess here is probably a faulty blower motor itself.
    Check for voltage at the blower motor itself.(after making sure the fuse is good.)check for a good ground.
    Access the blower motor and with the ignition key on and the blower switch selected to high or any speed,give the blower motor a tap with a fist or a small mallet and see if it comes to life.It may start blowing or at least make a noise.If so ,replace it.

    Other possibilites are the main Heater relay,blower control switch ,resistor,a/c control assy ,wiring and/or connector/connection problem.

    Good Luck

    Doc J


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