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  • MrShift@Edmunds 03/26/08 12:42 pm PST

    This could apply to your situation I think:

    If a problem which interferes with the continuous safe operation of the transaxle is identified, the TCM records a diagnostic trouble code in memory, all solenoids are turned off, and the module is switched to limp-in mode.

    When limp-in mode is started, the transaxle is locked in 2nd gear if a drive gear had previously been selected. Meanwhile, if P, R or N range was selected, operation is as usual.

    If the ignition key is turned to OFF and then back to ON again, limp-in mode is canceled (a record is retained)."

    I'd suggest you have the transmission control module scanned for diagnostic trouble codes. We need these to have a clue what's going on here. It could be something fairly simple, like a defective low temperature switch, which tells the transmission not to shift until the transmission fluid warms up.

  • snowball2 03/26/08 12:56 pm PST

    i completely agree with mr.shiftright

  • tim120 04/29/09 7:10 pm PST

    I am not much of a typer,but I am an ASE certified mechanic and my wife happens to own a 1999 mitsubishi eclipse gs 2.0L automatic which decided to stop shifting out of second gear,I put the scanner on it, it had 4 codes,one of which was for the speed input sensor.The actual problem is the turbine input speed sensor.I replaced this today 4-29-09 and It shifts perfect.I bought the part online from www.transmissionpartsusa.com

    57334 A604 41TE A606 42LE Transmission input speed sensor.
    Fine Threads.

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    I think this is the link. the sensor is located on the transmission where the two trans coolent lines connect to the transmission.It is a 1 inch socket to change It.I am positive this is your problem any questions feel free to ask.


  • inflorida 05/30/09 10:03 am PST

    1999 Eclipse with similar problem except it is noted that the speedometer doesn't work either. The same here?

  • colt3n 02/05/11 2:13 pm PST

    I am looking to buy a 1998 eclipse that i found online. It says the transmission wont shift out of 2nd thats its in "safety mode". Would this be the problem with it?



  • urbanbuffalo1 06/01/13 5:56 pm PST

    ***I have the EXCAT same problem, my 97 eclipse won't get into 2nd gear and the blinker is faster than normal, please tell me what you did to fix it. I need to know ASAP!



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