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  • karjunkie 09/04/08 8:13 am PST

    I suspect the valve in your power booster is malfunctioning. The booster is an empty shell that is divided into two chambers by a rubber diaphragm. There is a valve in the diaphragm that remains open while your foot is off the brake pedal so that vacuum is allowed to fill both chambers. When you step on the brake pedal, the valve in the diaphragm closes, separating the two chambers and another valve opens to allow air in the chamber on the brake pedal side. In your case the valve is not opening when you take your foot off the brake. I do not believe you can repair the valve. You need to replace the entire booster assembly.

  • bokie 03/30/09 9:49 pm PST

    ckeck your brake caliber hose if they are not letting the fluid return to the brake resivoir the hose are calapsing and holeing brakes but if this is going gone the hyundai will pull to one side or orther .

  • gottago3 01/17/12 5:18 pm PST

    OK, my 2003 had almost the same problem. When the brake lock, stop and use your foot to pull the brake pedal back. See if they release if so just adjust the brake pedal one or two turns.


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