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  • zolecki 01/23/09 12:27 pm PST

    Make sure all of the lugnuts are on and are on properly.

  • karjunkie 01/23/09 12:33 pm PST

    You clearly have a serious wheel/steering/suspension problem and should not drive the car till you figure out what is wrong. Some easy things to do first is to check that the wheel lugnuts are on tight and there is no significant slack in the steering wheel when you are sittiing with the car stopped. Beyond that, you need to get the car to a mechanic who can put the car on a lift and look at all the different suspension and steering parts to see if any are damaged or worn. Once you have a general idea of whats wrong we'll try and help you with the specifics. Good luck!

  • ray80 01/23/09 12:38 pm PST

    If live where there is winter weather (real recently) it is also possible you got slush built up on wheel(s) that froze and is causing out of balance condition.

  • Camera1 02/16/09 8:57 pm PST

    You have two great anserws. I live in Michigan, so Ice and Slush build up will cause shaking at speed. A quick cure for this is to hit the cheap car was and clear the build up out now and then. If that dosn't help then take it in to a good shop and have the TECHS check tire balance, tire pressure, lug nuts, and have the 4 wheel alignment checked out. GOOD LUCK


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