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  • karjunkie 10/13/08 12:33 pm PST

    This is why God created paper clips. On most cd players there is an small hole to the side of the cd opening. Poking this indent with the paper clip while pressing the eject sometimes works. If your car doesn't have this feature, you just have to poke the paper clip into the mechanism opening and risk damaging the cd to get it out. You either press the cd up or down while pressing the eject. To extract a CD from my car that was warped from sun heat. I had to use a small pair of needle nose slim tip pliers. It damaged the CD, (not the unit) which was already a gonner. You may be able to use a pair of tweezers to pry it out as well. Just be very careful inserting those tweezers or needle nose pliers into the player. Good luck!

  • Stever@Edmunds 10/17/08 12:42 am PST

    Check out How to Remove a Stuck CD.


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