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  • karjunkie 03/26/09 7:41 am PST

    Before changing the sensor and solenoid I would have the pressure tested to make sure it is the sensor/solenoid thats bad. To test the governor pressure sensor and governor pressure solenoid you need to measure the actual governor pressure. If your scan tool can do this, then you can do the troubleshooting procedure. If not, you will need to take it to a Dodge dealer to have it tested. The solenoid and sensor are located on the valve body inside the transmission pan. The valve body is what you see after you drop the pan. There is a metal bracket with two star bit screws (T20's I think) and 3 - 11mm bolts holding it on. This metal braket holds the solenoid in place and seats it into its socket upon tightening the bolts. On the sensor end of this bracket is a "C" shaped slot that entraps the neck of the sensor to keep it from coming out. There is also a "C" shape that necks the solenoid in a similar fashon to hold it in. After your remove this bracket the solenoid will just fall out. You then can also pull the sensor out. Attach the wires and replace the sensor. It'll just pop back into the valve body and hold itself in. Attach the wire to the solenoid and cradle it back into the bracket and insert it back into its socket. At the same time align the "C" back onto the sensor as this same bracket holds them both in.


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