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  • karjunkie 04/02/09 9:06 am PST

    There is a recall on your vehicle related to the cruise control deactivation switch. The Ford Speed Control Deactivation Switch, also known as a "brake pressure switch," shuts off the cruise control when the driver firmly steps on the brakes. The switch is located under the hood of the vehicle and is attached to the brake master cylinder on one end and wired to the cruise control on the other. This position places it above flammable reservoirs of brake fluid. Inside the switch, a thin film barrier separates brake fluid from the switch's electrical components. This can cause a fire, even when the engine had been turned off and, in some cases, idle for days. Since this is a dangerous condition, you should take the vehicle in to any Ford dealer as soon as you can and get them to repair it for free. Good luck!


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