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  • bandit10 05/29/08 8:52 pm PST

    Try unplugging the power to the unit, then reinstall the connector. See if that does the trick. If not you might have to remove the CD player and open it up and see what's causing it to jam the CD in place.

  • Stever@Edmunds 05/30/08 1:09 am PST

    Bandit's resetting the power suggestion is your best bet. Pulling the fuse may be easier than finding the wiring powering the unit itself.

    There are some more ideas to try in the How to Remove a Stuck CD Guide, linked below.

    Unfortunately all these tricks seem to work better on single player CDs and don't work so well on CD changers. Good luck!

    Source: http://townhall-talk.edmunds.com/direct

  • jrp10 07/26/09 3:48 pm PST

    I had the same exact problem on my 2001 Lincoln LS. It eventually just spit out a CD on it's own and started working. Then 3 weeks later, it started doing the same thing. I got on this site and decided to pull the fuse and put it back in. I did that and it reset it and started working perfectly. It is fuse #18. The fuse panel is on the passenger side. If someone were riding in the passenger seat, it would be directly to the right of their right ankle. This should do the trick. Hope it helps.

  • mortman 01/31/11 1:59 pm PST

    My '04 6-disc system would not shift from one CD to the next w/out an "error" and then the system would freeze up. At first I would just cycle the ignition on and off and it would be fine, but that stopped working. Followed Steve's advice and popped the fuse. Now it works perfect again. Thank you Steve!! Oh -- I also ditched a home-burned CD that the manual says can foul things up.

  • applemac 07/17/12 12:40 am PST

    Unhook battery for 30 minutes; no less. Next day, start CD player and eject all CDs. If any of them are 'home-made', don't use them again. Worked for me. I don't know why it didn't work immediately; I just know that the next time I started the car, it worked.


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