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  • karjunkie 05/23/10 10:26 am PST

    Almost all of the heating and cooling controls are vacuum controlled on your S-10. The vacuum lines dry rot and will likely be the issue. If you want to tackle this yourself, find a ball that stores vacuum. This is attached to the hood, behind the driver side hood hinge or drivers side fender. The line runs from a "T" from the PCV valve. There are 2 hoses of differdent sizes, 7/32" and 5/32". Check each hose for any cracks or leaks as well as a loose connection. Both deteriorate at about the same rate, so I would replace them all at the same time if you find a bad one.

  • majmac 05/23/10 8:22 pm PST

    Thanks - I shall check it out tomorrow, and let you know. Thanks again.


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