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  • texases 02/06/13 1:15 pm PST

    The A3 is a nice car, based on the VW Golf with lots of upgrades. In that size range would be the Mazda 3, also fun to drive for a bit less money, and potentially more reliable. An Acura TSX wagon might also be worth a look, a bit bigger. One good thing to get is the Consumer Reports car buyers guide, lots of info on all the cars available.

  • morin2 02/08/13 7:54 am PST

    If his interest is in the A3 Diesel model, then he should cross-shop the VW Golf or Jetta TDI models, since the engine is the same.

    The April auto issue of Consumer Reports will be out in 3 weeks and is a good introduction to all the models and their reliabilities.


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