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  • Stever@Edmunds 08/06/09 9:52 pm PST

    The fraud section of the CARS FAQ says "While NHTSA may provide discretionary relief for innocent clerical errors, NHTSA intends to prevent fraud in the first place and penalize any fraud that occurs."

    You may be able to attach some sort of affidavit to the paperwork that the dealer submits if you can find a dealer willing to work with you. For example, married people who change their name have attached copies of their marriage certificate to expedite the process and forestall any issues.

    You could call the hotline number at (866)-CAR-7891 and see if you can find anyone to give you an answer there.

  • volvomax 08/07/09 11:41 am PST

    Shouldn't be a problem. There is a DMV form called "One and the Same"(at least its called that in AZ other names in other states). Basically, you swear that the name on the title and your name are one and the same. In some cases,like marriage or a legal name change you have to attach proof.

  • karjunkie 08/07/09 11:45 am PST

    If the name is off by one letter and the address is the same as yours, there should be no problem. You can always have the DMV correct the title if necessary. Check with the dealer from whom you intend to buy the new car from first and see if it will cause a problem.


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