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  • MrShift@Edmunds 08/18/11 2:59 pm PST

    Could have been installed incorrectly, with someone touching the bulb?

    Or perhaps the quality of the bulb? Where are they getting them? What brand?

  • jen78741 08/18/11 3:12 pm PST

    It's possible that it may have been installed incorrectly, as I didn't witness the actual installation, but it was done by a mechanic, so I would think (hope at least) that they wouldn't have touched the bulb.

    Not sure on brand, but the bulb was purchased at O'Reilly Auto Parts, and ran about $17. Honestly, it was the one the guy working there picked for us and said would fit our Kia, so I don't know how its' cost compared to the others on the shelf.

  • jen78741 08/18/11 3:42 pm PST

    I neglected to mention that the lights are also out around my gear shifter as well. I noticed this problem about a month ago. The head light was working at the time. I did notice on one occasion that the gear shift lights were working again, but have since quit again. Have not yet checked the fuse for the gear shift lights. Could these problems be related?

  • MrShift@Edmunds 08/19/11 10:16 am PST

    It's so hard to say with electrical issues as to what is related and what isn't. It seems like two separate issues. The $17 for the bulb is about retail price, so it doesn't sound like it was a cheap knock-off bulb. I suppose a mechanic could check voltage to that particular headlight socket to see if there is some voltage surge going on, but it seems peculiar that only one branch of an electrical system would surge. Perhaps a loose socket could cause some difficulties.


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