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  • MrShift@Edmunds 05/17/08 11:26 am PST

    Work out a price first on the new car, THEN inform the dealer of the trade and see what they offer.

    Not sure where you are getting this "trade" number from, but in the real world it might be different.

    Usually in these cases it's best to sell the car privately. Trades to dealers are done strictly for your convenience---a convenience that you will pay thousands of dollars for.

    Of course, if your car is one that's hard to unload right now, then maybe negotiating with the dealer is the way to go. As long as the dealer sees profit in re-selling your car, he'll work a deal.

  • joel0622 05/20/08 10:14 am PST

    It depends.

    If you have clear title to your trade then the dealer would simply write you a check back for your equity.

    If there is a pay off on your trade then the money would be applied to your pay off.

    If you live in a state sales tax is figured on the trade difference then you would not have to pay any sales tax if you trade it in.


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