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  • zaken1 03/06/11 9:07 pm PST

    There were three different V-6 motors used in the 2001 Ranger Edge. Before ordering a new motor; you need to first check the VIN number (on top of the dashboard, next to the windshield on the driver's side) to see what the eighth character in that number is. If it is a "U" you need a standard 3.0 liter motor. If it is a "V" you need a 3.0 liter flex fuel motor. If it is an "E," then this truck was made for a 4.0 liter SOHC motor, rather than a 3.0 liter OHV motor.

    If the old motor is still accessible; I would recommend ordering a remanufactured motor from Hiperformer Engines in Spokane WA. They have the best workmanship and quality; along with the longest warranty in the industry. And their prices are very affordable. They ship their engines anywhere in the US at low shipping rates. On these motors, some external parts will have to be transferred from the old motor. The mechanic who installs it would be need to transfer these parts. Go to (www.hiperformer.com) and phone the contact number on that site, to get more details and current prices.

    If the old motor is not available; I would buy a newer complete used motor from an auto salvage yard. The "U" code 3.0 motor was made in the Ranger through 2008. The "V" code 3.0 flex fuel motor was made in the Ranger through 2006. If a local salvage yard does not have a low mileage used motor with that designation; you can find a local salvage yard which has a nationwide parts locating hotline, and ask them to issue a request for the motor on that line. Any yard which has the motor will contact the local yard and arrange to ship the motor to them. You can then arrange to have it picked up there, and transported to the place where it will be installed.


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