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  • tony78 01/09/09 10:48 pm PST

    most new shocks are sold and packaged in a box or carton.

    1. remove the shock from the carton.

    2. there may be a plastic or metal wire tie keeping the piston rod compressed in to the body of the new shock.

    3. remove and discard this wire tie or strap.

    4. now,,grasping the shock body with one hand and the shock piston rod with the other hand ,,
    pull the body one direction and the piston rod the opposite direction,,extend the shock.

    5. this will enable the shock to operate correctly,,repeat this process once more and the shock will be ready to install.

    6. there may be a package of fasteners included with the shock,,these should be identical to the shock,,if they are not,,then discard them.

    some manufacturers recommend that all related fasteners and other hardware should be replaced with new components,,and bolts will need to be torqued to the correct specifications.

    consult with your dealer for the hardware and consult your vehicles service department,,or your factory service manual for the removal and installation directions.

    the service manual will also indicate the proper torque spec's.


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