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  • wern10 04/13/08 5:25 pm PST

    I assume you have a repair manual.I hope.have you checked the leads from the ignition switch to see what the short is?are you sure the ignition switch isn't bad and back feeding power?what about any spliced wires?has some one installed any compents such as a stereo and maybe tied in where they weren't supposed to?with a coninuous hot with the key off to both sides of the inj. that is a short.what does it do with the key on?blow fuses?nothing?are their any other circuits hot continuously besides the headlites and breaklites?are their any plugs that look similar to the injector plug that could be mistaken for the injector plug?pull one fuse at a time and check to see if the power goes y from the injectors,unplug the injector harness and make sure that its not the injectors themselves,test the harness coming from the car.if your are using used parts are you sure they are good?it is something simple,and its one of those that i wish i were there to get into it ilove problems like that,but exaining them isn't the same as being in there.hopefullly this gets you going,if not let us know and I'll have another hadful of ideas,I just need more detail...good luck


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