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  • jlflemmons 02/03/09 11:36 pm PST

    Do you hear the fuel pump "prime" when you turn the key to on without cranking the engine? Should sound like a buzz in the gas tank. Also, are you getting a check engine (service engine) light?

  • thehagamans 02/04/09 12:19 am PST

    Yes the SES light does come on. And my husband says he can hear the fuel pump kicking on.

  • canddmeyer 02/04/09 5:21 am PST

    Try replacing the fuel injector pressure regulator. It'll be a $50 experiment.

  • jlflemmons 02/04/09 11:18 am PST

    If you have an Autozone nearby, they will read the code for you and give you a print out of what is turning the light on. Could be a regulator, that would account for the starting issue, but the no fuel going uphill really sounds like something wrong in the tank.

    I know this sounds like a stupid question, but you did install the correct fuel pump? The two door and four door models use different pumps to account for the different depth of the fuel tank. You wouldn't be the first to get caught on this one.

  • thehagamans 02/04/09 11:58 am PST

    Actually WE didnt replace the fuel pump, the dealer we got it from said they just replaced it before we picked it up. I am thinking we should check that out. But we did have it tested and the code reader said that the o2 sensors arent registering. But those wont have anything to do with running.Also it came back IAT sensor was bad, replaced it. Map Sensor was bad, replaced it. Complete tune up because it was missing on 3. So now the only things we have yet to do are fuel regulator, we are about to do. Intake Gasket, just bought also. Dealer says replaced the whole gas tank so according to him he didnt put the wrong pump on it. Also they say they replaced spider and fuel injectors. So does anyone know what else it could be? Or if there is any way to bypass it?

  • jlflemmons 02/05/09 12:53 am PST

    Does it behave the same with a full fuel tank?

  • gjs73cars 02/14/09 4:36 pm PST

    Try replacing the fuel pressure regulator/diaphram. Sounds like your bleeding down/losing line pressure.

  • mountcurrier 02/23/09 7:31 pm PST

    could be fuel injectors or fuel pressure regulater

  • jscot2890 05/22/09 3:49 pm PST

    My girlfriends got the same blazer and was having the same problems. We replaced the fuel filter, spark plugs and wires, and distributor cap and button didnt help. Try replacing the EGR valve once we did that it ran like a charm. Some of the 4.3 vortecs are using california emissions when combined with our gas in the east it creates an excess of carbon resulting in a lot of build on spark plugs, sensors, and valves. If you replace it it should fix the problem their about $117 for the part.

  • ric9 08/13/09 4:24 am PST

    Some mechanics say that any model Chevy Blazer is notorious for poor/weak fuel pumps. We (I'm a lawyer, not a mechanic) ofter here that some people replace a costly fuel pump only to have to re-replace it in a short period of time.

    One must understand that Blazer fuel pumps-or any fuel pump for that matter- needs fuel in the tank for a cooling mechanism. Drivers, especially women, regularly prioritize their expenditures and tend leave their fuel tank at half full/empty. The inevitable result is to prematurely burn out even a brand new fuel pump.

    It's a no brainer and a lot of mechanics won't let the repeat offenders in on as they feel that if he or (usually) she is numb minded enough to repeat history, they deserve the repeated repair cost. The solution is simple.

    Guys should put gas in the car if the woman is not bright enough to do it herself. An age long complaint of men about women only putting gas in the car and not tending to critical fluid levels needs readressing. Vehicles, ESPECIALLY CHEVY BLAZERS, need to have, at the minimum, 1/4 of a tank of gas to adequately cool the fuel pump. Yes dear, the days of driving your daddy's car around on ffumes ar the past. Save your marriage and your fuel pump... pass on the shoe sale and shock the heck out of the beau and buy some gas. you may be shocked by the results.

    Richard Winter, Esq.

    Source: Richard L. Winter, Esq., mcwinter@tds.net

  • aasmit3 07/08/10 2:43 pm PST

    This is really a comment for the so claimed (lawyer ric9) who answered prior to me. For a supposed lawyer you are really brazen to comment about women the way you did. How dare you lump all women into one catagory when it comes to auto maintenance, and indicate that we should put gas in the vechicle and not go shopping, Just who do you think you are? I just got got back from the Daytona Nascar Races and I could probably tell you more about their debut cars than most men. As for shopping, who buys your clothes, food, takes care of the bills, and cleans you home? I hope it is a man!! Save your marriage, chauvinist (ric9) who I really hope reads this, but if he doesn't, hooray for all the women who do !!!!!!!!

  • trans4mer 08/10/10 12:03 am PST

    * fuel pump * fuel filter * spark plugs and wires * IAT sensor * MAS *Distributor Cap * Distributor Button<----This is what you've replaced....I had the same problem I even changed my coil pack... make sure & remember what I'm about to tell you exactly cause it can get confusing make sure your fuel pump is operating properly from the time u turn your key you should hear it turn on and run I'm guessing for about 2-3 seconds, also make sure its reaching 60 psi on the fuel pressure gauge 58 59 is fine..If all of this is working and its still doing the same thing than open your glove look inside its going to say relays my truck has to black boxes change them those are your FUEL RELAYS they get hot and get old and needs to be replaced. If when u change them it still does the same thing u have to check your fuel injectors inside the Vortec intake which will probably be a good idea to change those lines because of the "ether" it collects dirt and when it dry it gets sticky bad combination! if you have to replace the fuel injectors it will run you about 350 including the input & return fuel line 30-40 bucks sold separate cant really remember the exact price..even check the two wires that connect to the spider it sends a signal to the injectors to make sure it don't have a shortage it runs but when it get hot it shuts down that mean they work but they could have a shortage....all of this comes from driving with little gas making the fuel pump over work........I'm the Blazers Trans4mer Queen no need for thanks just let your friends know a woman solved this auto problem for you & e-mail me your results and any questions you might have Viciousstudlife@yahoo.com

  • hammer33 03/22/12 1:02 am PST

    Try changing the EGR it`ll cost about 25 bucks at autozone. My blazer had the same problem and it fixed it right up.


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