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  • MrShift@Edmunds 03/23/11 4:37 pm PST

  • Clean the debris and the dust from the park brake components using a clean shop cloth.
  • Install the adjuster assembly to the park brake shoes.
  • Separate the tips of the shoes and install the park brake shoes to the park brake actuator.
  • Install the park brake shoe anchor springs and pins.

  • Install the park brake shoe return spring (6).
  • Adjust the park brake shoe.
  • Install the rear axle shaft.
  • Install the rotor.
    1. Install the park brake cable (2) to the lever (1).
    2. Perform the following procedure to install the cable (2) to the backing plate (4):

    1. Compress the spring (3) by pushing towards the lever (1).
    2. Route the cable (2) through the slot in the backing plate.
    3. Push the cable housing into the backing plate (4) until the locking tabs snap into place.

    1. Install the tire and wheel.
    2. Remove the safety stands.
    3. Lower the vehicle.
    4. Enable the park brake cable automatic adjuster. (which was disabled during disassembly).
    5. Adjust the park brake cable.


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