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  • MrShift@Edmunds 04/28/08 10:29 am PST

    1. Compress auto belt tensioner until hole in piston is aligned with second hole in case. Insert a 0.06 inch diameter wire or pin through second hole to keep piston compressed.

    Camshaft Timing Marks

    2. Align camshafts to TDC.

    Crankshaft Timing Marks

    3. Turn crankshaft counterclockwise until timing gear is offset from TDC by one tooth, then install timing belt.
    4. Turn crankshaft clockwise until crankshaft timing mark is again at TDC. Turning crankshaft should place all belt slack at or near tensioner.
    5. Install tensioner and torque its mounting bolts to 14-18 ft lb , then remove pin.
    6. Turn crankshaft two complete revolutions to ensure timing is still correct.
    7. Install righthand engine mount and timing belt covers.

  • sexy6rider 05/14/09 8:57 am PST

    i have the exact same problem with my 93 Mazda Mx6 2.5l V6... i had just replaced the head gasket on the front end... during the process i had to take the cams out and timing belt off.. when i was putting it back togother i MADE SURE all marks for timing were correct... put the belt back on and it ran... not even 10 mins down the highway (test drive) WHAM it started running like [profanity deleted].... with the racket its making under the hood and the way it kills itself at idle, all fingers pointed at the timing... i have a feeling that i had one end of the timing belt too tight and the other too lose and what it did was fix the belt by jumping the cams... but when it did that the timing is now wrong.. how do i know where to put the belt on the cam sprockets ? if yall have myspace get at me there i have pictures posted up too... www.myspace.com/andrew5244 or if you have some info you can email me at Unknownuser4432@yahoo.com.. just put Mazda Mx6 Timing in the subject box so that i know what your referring to... Thanks ahead of time for the help....


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