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  • morin2 12/19/11 7:35 pm PST

    If you use an oil that is not specified and then have engine problems, you could have problems having repairs/engine replacement covered under warranty. While it is unlikely, it could happen and the engine oil in the car could be easily tested. If found out-of-specification, then you may have trouble.

    These engines have extremely tight clearances and Honda specifies this oil for a reason. Once it is out of warranty, you are free to take chances as you like, but with a brand new car, I would use the specified oil (and I would continue to use it too).

    Considering everything, oil is about the cheapest thing you put in your car - and trying to economize with cheaper stuff seems "penny-wise, pound-foolish" (Ben Franklin?).

  • texases 12/19/11 10:47 pm PST

    Yep, use exactly what is specified, from now on. And shop around for your oil changes, you don't have to use the dealer for simple maintenance like oil changes. If you have a trustworthy independent shop, use it. But do NOT use 'quicky lube' type places.

  • zaken1 12/19/11 11:12 pm PST

    It would be illuminating if you asked the dealership for an itemized breakdown of the parts and labor costs in that oil change. Synthetic oil costs about $8 per quart these days. This car takes about 4 quarts of oil in a change. That would make $32 for the oil used. Where does the other $48 come from??? An oil filter probably costs about $5 to $10. How much does this dealership charge for an oil change for an older Honda that does not use synthetic oil?

    DO NOT switch this motor to petroleum oil. There are many different issues which could be created; in addition to the fact that it probably will void your daugter's engine warranty.

    Find an honest independent shop, and use only the same brand of 0W-20 weight synthetic oil that they use WHENEVER any oil is put in that motor; regardless of whether a single quart is added, or the oil is all drained and refilled. Keep the receipts in case there is a warranty claim. The dealer cannot legally make you bring the car to them for service. This car will outlast most other cars of that model; whose owners don't care about not mixing oil types or brands.

  • totin60 05/13/12 9:19 pm PST

    El aceite 0W-20 es el adecuado segun el fabricante para un 2012 Honda Civic,pero mas bien para condiciones donde el frio es el que domina,ejemplo lugares muy frio como Ohio,new york,etc. Pero si el Civic trabaja en condiciones de mucho calor como al sur de la florida,Miami donde hay mucho trafico y paradas contantemente,le puedo recomendar le heche a su Honda Civic Mobil-1 Full Synthetic 5W-20 o mucho mejor si no es muy nuevo su honda 5W-30.

  • rickmn 05/11/14 10:47 am PST

    You MUST use OW-20. Period. Using a different viscosity oil can cause the variable valve timing mechanism to operate incorrectly and set a check engine light. If this engine has direct injection, using the wrong oil can cause severe damage to the high pressure fuel pump and camshaft. Bottom line: get over it. The engineers at Honda know what they're doing. Don't substitute your preferences over their engineering specs.



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