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  • 0patience 05/14/08 8:43 pm PST

    How old is your scanner?

    It should read the codes and having the codes read somewhere else shouldn't cause a problem.

    Check under the hood of your vehicle on the emissions decal.
    Does it say OBD2 compliant or CAN compliant?

  • waves121 05/15/08 9:14 pm PST

    Thanks for your response.

    First, the scanner is brand new. This is the first time it has been used. Second, the sticker/placard under the hood states: "OBD II Certified."

    To offer some additional background, this particular code/problem was read successfully by both the OBD II reader at AutoZone and another unit at a repair shop. My reader, unfortunately, continues to give a "No Link" response, even though I know the reader functions because it successfully linked-up with the computer on two other vehicles and stated "0 Codes" instead of the "No Link" error.

  • jamesc43812 04/05/14 12:13 pm PST

    I know this question is old, but im researching more into this since I am having this error on a 1998 Mercury Sable LS. So far what I have found out is "NO LINK" error can be caused by a bad ECU. Also the diagnostic port usually run on the same fuse as the Cigar/power port. I suggest checking that fuse and trying again.

    Source: Autozone employees. Mechanics local to my area.


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