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  • bbcarr 11/01/09 6:34 pm PST

    update on no heat , the one line that goes from heater core to the intake manifold on the back of the motor , it is the fitting that you press in the heater hose into , upon removal, it was plugged soild, replaced with new fitting & lots of heat now, hope this help others.

  • sfenton 01/19/12 1:53 am PST

    I went to answer your post, and advise that you would need to inspect for that restriction, it is very common for vehicles that generally have not had proper maintenance performed thru the years. I would also recommend using a BG coolant flush additive and flush the system. With that much electrolysis build up, you may even have a partially restricted radiator. This can be inspected visually, and by using an Infra Red Thermometer. After the vehicle is at operating temperature, use the IR thermometer to check the temperature across the entire surface of the radiator. you may find variations of temp, which would indicate restriction.


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