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  • patcat1 04/28/09 6:18 pm PST

    If your t-bird has a 4.6l then you have 4 sensors. Two on each side, meaning 1 upstream of the catalytic converter and 1 downstream of the catalytic converter on each side. The upstream ones will be right after the manifold. The down stream ones will be right after the catalytic converter. If you have a 3.8l then you have 1 on the left exhaust manifold and 1 in the dual converter y-pipe after the catalytic converter. A good investment is a Chiltons manual available at any parts store or online for around $20. I don't know for sure about the 3.6 but I own a 96 cougar with a 4.6l and just replaced all 4 sensors and they are all 4 the same sensor, part number and all. If you have a 4.6l they will try to sell you a O2 removal tool. DON'T BUY IT!! It is a socket that only has clearance on the drivers side upstream sensor. There is not enough clearance to use it on the others. Find or buy a long combination wrench and size it up to your sensors. On the 3 that the O2 tool don't fit, unplug the sensor and slide the wrench over the wires to engage the sensor. To replace, cut off the tab on the wire coupler to slide wrench over new sensor. Be careful when tightening these things without a proper torque wrench as these things only go to 26-34ft lbs!


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