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  • MrShift@Edmunds 02/03/08 1:20 pm PST

    First thing, don't drive the car until you figure this out.

    No, don't open the oil pan just yet.

    First you test the oil sending unit. Could be just a bad sensor or loose wire. This is easy to diagnose.

    If the sensor tests okay, then you screw a manual oil pressure gauge into the engine and see what the ACTUAL oil pressure is.

    If it is indeed really below 5 psi (which is what usually triggers a light) then you can open the oil pan and look for a clogged oil screen or a worn out oil pump.

  • bepperb 02/05/08 3:04 pm PST

    Does sound like sensor has gone bad, or there is a blockage in the galley leading to it. A manual sensor to monitor the pressure would determine the problem, and give you peace of mind. Could definately be a weak pump, though, so don't drive until you find the problem.

  • bepperb 02/05/08 3:06 pm PST

    For what it's worth, opening the oil pan isn't a very big deal, a few screws and a new gasket, so if he's a good mechanic don't hesitate to follow his troubleshooting instincts. Perhaps he has some ideas we don't, and it will show any signs of sludge, unusual wear... etc.


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