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  • 0patience 10/09/11 3:16 pm PST

    Has the oil cooler been checked and tested?

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  • beck7 10/09/11 5:00 pm PST

    no hasnt been tested do you think this is likely to be the cause?

  • 0patience 10/09/11 6:19 pm PST

    Hard to tell, but if you've ruled out that head gasket as the problem, then there are only a couple more places that the oil can get into the cooling system. A crack in the block or head or the head gasket. A leak in the oil cooler. Or possibly a leak in the radiator between the trans cooler portion of the radiator and the coolant portion of the radiator.
    It isn't uncommon for the deal/o-ring to fail on the oil coolers.
    To confirm, so I'm not making you chase your tail, this is the diesel, cause I'm showing that the diesel is a 1.8L

  • beck7 10/10/11 5:49 pm PST

    i think the oil cooler sounds as though its the problem, you have been very helpfull thankyou.


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